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We are your Social Media Partners.

More than ever, it is essential to stay in touch and engage directly with your current and prospective clients in today’s global online world. It's how information about the unknown can be intelligently charted through new ways of reaching and engaging with clients and prospects.

Whatever help your brand needs in social media, we’ve got the expertise and relevant experience: from content creation to community management, influencer relations to promotions, strategy to reporting, media buying to data analytics.

At The Social Clique, we focus on driving measurable results from social media. We’ve helped brands set their social media strategy, execute on it day-to-day and measure results.
Social media has changed a lot in ten years. We’ve changed along with it, but our industry commitment has never wavered.

Let's get social, lets get acquainted

It takes two to tango.

What we can do for you

Our mission is to change the world of marketing through social media, so we’re purpose built to deliver our clients the best in social media marketing. We spend our days in the social media trenches as partners to in-house teams and other agencies, all the while generating measurable business results.

We work independently for you or collaboratively with your in-house social media team to develop an overarching strategic direction, and a logical measurement plan, upfront. Then, we’re here to support you as needed over the long haul, helping you apply and stay accountable to that strategy in an ever-changing social space.

Our services and solutions package include:

We created a proprietary process for working with clients on outstanding social strategies, be it across the entire social media mix or the small-scale plans for product launches. We build custom roadmaps for success aligning audience, objectives, strategies and tactics in a way that achieves specific, measurable results.

We find out when, where and how they uniquely consume media then match that against a thorough user journey, where those touch points are targeted with contextually relevant, timely messaging, giving your brand message relevance in the consumer's lives.

After building a solid strategy, our community managers immerse themselves in your brand’s channels to engage potential and current customers, brand advocates, media and other interested audiences. Our team is a one-stop shop for creating lively and engaged social media communities through editorial planning, monitoring and moderation, and delightful campaigns.

We know social Media is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy to promote your brand in a direct, positive way. We also realise that your customer is exposed to all forms of media, so we design integrated connections strategies that positively interplay with all your marketing efforts.

The goal of any promotion is to achieve the brand’s business objectives, and a well-planned and executed social media promotion does just that. Our programs move customers through the purchase loop and turn customers into fans and turn fans into advocates for your brand.

Successful media campaigns require deep thinking and hard work as much as they require sound strategic forethought. These are vital in achieving success.

Our analysts do more than report on KPIs. They set goals and deliver custom-designed reports that help you see what’s needed to meet those goals. We’ve also developed bespoke social media ROI measurement models for brands with vastly different business models. Our team will work with yours to adapt these models, or even build new ones, to fit your specific business needs.

Before undertaking any marketing campaign it's imperative to detail what a successful outcome will look like. When paired effectively with attribution metrics, we are not only able to garner campaign effectiveness but also leverage performance insights against future campaigns.

Nothing kills a great strategy faster than a flawed execution. We ensure the campaign logic,strategy, tag management, creative trafficking and rotation for all media vendors and placements are set up to obtain the pristine data that is fed to our team. Media tests are designed by our analyst to provide insights that inform the optimised planning to ensure maximum efficiency.

We track the basics like share of voice and brand mentions with social listening, but the real value comes from the insights our analysts glean by reviewing real consumer conversations. Our insights help inform brand decisions on everything from marketing campaigns to product development and customer service practices.

Throughout the consumer's day, we can recognize key moments where they make decisions and shape preferences. The prevalence of mobile telephony has broken the path to purchase into thousands of real-time, intent-driven moments that can be leveraged singularly or collectively to work for the brand within the moment.

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The Social Clique

More than ever, it is essential to stay in touch and engage directly with your current and prospective clients in today’s global online world.
It's how information about the unknown can be intelligently charted through new ways of reaching and engaging with clients and prospects.
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