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NiteFlite Entertainment is an entertainment, corporate events, branded entertainment, talent agency and events management service unit.
Our core values revolve around a multi-service entertainment platform with a strong social commitment.
Come fly with us! You will be assured of a flite to remember!

What we can do for you.

Recognized for its creative and gung-ho approach within the entertainment industry, and for its proven track record in service excellence, NiteFlite Entertainment has garnered wide-ranging support from the local media, broadcasters, production companies and corporate clients.

We aim to continue to diversify into other areas of opportunities, like movies and music, where there is a strategic and synergistic complement to our existing businesses. NiteFlite Entertainment knows no traditional boundaries. We are trendy, dynamic, flexible, fast, efficient, fun and motivated.

Our services and solutions package include:

Experience works. It lets brands show people not just what they are - but who they are. Because when people can see your brand's human side, they connect with it more deeply. NiteFlite Entertainment dreams up experiences designed to do just that.

We create experiences that work. Experiential marketing has an important role to play in driving both action and advocacy. Consumers don't experience a media plan, they experience how a brand behaves, what it sounds and feels like. We view Experiential Marketing in its intended, academic and purely immersive form.

NiteFlite Experiential is not just a tasty sampling event, nor a pretty brand experience. It's the burning fire at the very core of any consumer marketing campaign and we use every 'tool' at our disposal, including social media and clever technology, to fan the flames.
Well created and expertly delivered Experiential Marketing focuses on the customer's physical as well as emotional experience to build deeper loyalty. No matter how good an idea is or how well it is pitched, you simply can't make a square peg fit the round hole, in other words if it doesn't follow the rules, you’ll never see the benefits of Experiential Marketing.

Where Traditional marketing fails to determine the sensory, emotional, cognitive endurance, behavioral, relationship needs of consumers, Experiential Marketing has philosophy, neurobiology, psychology and sociological theory, to connect and reach out to the consumer. For the best experiential you need the most experienced team.

In today’s fragmented media world, where technology enables consumers to control what, where and when they experience their entertainment, traditional methods of reaching audiences aren’t enough. Brands need to make deeper connections to break through and engage, wherever their audiences happen to be. By harnessing the power of great storytelling, we help brands make those deep and lasting connections.

Whether integrating brand messaging and product into top-rated TV shows and movies, or creating and distributing original short-form documentaries, our team of producers and entertainment marketers help our clients make an impact. Our relationship with writers and directors, television and film production companies, major broadcast and cable networks, studios, talent agencies and top digital platforms enable us to provide unique access to top global entertainment properties.

We work with our creative partners to ensure our client’s brand attributes are authentically woven into a story to maximum effect. We then develop an audience engagement plan that delivers our branded entertainment programming across the media spectrum in earned, owned, paid and social channels. We combine that with 360° integrated marketing activations that extend the experience via promotions, retail, gaming and events.

The four-step process is rooted in established brand business ambitions and includes identifying a primary program objective, a lead content platform, determining the right mix of entertainment, exposure and brand integration, and finally, using a checklist of tactical considerations for maximizing the program across multiple, integrated channels. The scorecard ensures key performance indicators and benchmarks are set upfront and then measured against to assess ultimate program performance.

We offer a range of full-service corporate event management options, including concept development; budgeting; talent coordination and programming; production and site management. Our full service solutions for prestigious corporate events to special brand galas include:

  • Gala Evenings
  • Product Launches
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Social events programme
  • Media relations and marketing
  • Concept Development
  • Budgeting
  • Theatrical Creation
  • Production and Site Management
  • Audio Visual and Production
  • Venue Selection
  • Hotel Contract Negotiation and Handling
  • Contract Management
  • VIP Concierge

We organize live and exclusive musical concerts of our own and for clients on demand, depending on their requirements at an ideal location that best suits for your event. We can arrange an ideal venue based on your requirements. Apart from arranging the locations, our wide range of services include catering services, lighting coordination, audio and visual effects coordination and theme decoration, so as to create an environment that exactly suits your concert. We provide event management services from open stage concerts to theatre or hall concerts.

Let's bring the spotlight to your event. At NiteFlite Entertainment, we create a lasting impression with memorable and engaging word-class talent for all occasions. Our goal is not only to provide outstanding entertainment, we also strive to elevate the guest experience of your special event, private party or company promotion through our customized talent services.
Entertainment packages and individual consultations ensure the best casting for your vision and budget.

NiteFlite Entertainment also offer a unique marketing and sales platform to get your brand the attention it deserves.

Book unforgettable entertainment talent for your next event:
  • Vocalists & Musicians
  • Specialty Performers
  • Hosts & Hostesses
  • Photography & Videographer
  • Masters Of Ceremony

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NiteFlite Entertainment is an entertainment, corporate events, branded entertainment, talent agency and events management service unit. Our core values revolve around a multi-service entertainment platform with a strong social commitment. Come fly with us! You will be assured of a flite to remember!
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